BollyLearn is the Bollywood Dance App. Through this app, you can learn Bollywood dance steps, techniques, styles and much more. Learn from your favorite choreographers, at the convenience of your home. Download app now.

Watch. Learn. Improve. 


Breaking Bollywood Down.


At BollyLearn, our goal is to bring you the best Bollywood steps, techniques, and routines from your favorite choreographers. 


Built by dancers for dancers. 

BollyLearn gives you exclusive access to step-by-step tutorials from experienced dancers right on your phone. Classes may not work with your schedule and your favorite choreographer may teach outside of your area. For new dancers, it can be intimidating to walk into a class with no experience, but now it doesn't have to be. 

The BollyLearn app brings the class to you. Be the dancer you always wanted to be and impress others with your moves by downloading the BollyLearn app. 

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BollyLearn lets you watch your favorite choreographers and dance routines at the swipe of a finger. As long as you have the app open, watch anywhere, anytime! 


Your favorite choreographers break down each move step-by-step. Pause and rewind as much as you need from the comfort of your home as BollyLearn perfectly simulates the classroom environment.


We want you to be the best dancer you can be. Get critiques from your preferred choreographers in-app and directly apply their pro-tips to your training.


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