Top 5 Most Versatile Bhangra Steps

The infectious energy of bhangra has made it a very popular dance style for social occasions and if you’re desi, you’re often expected to be able bust out into bhangra at a moment’s notice (during a wedding, a choreo session, or that moment when Beware of the Boyz comes on at the club). Chances are you could use a few bhangra steps in your back pocket for these occasions, but we’re not all bhangra experts. When you’re just getting started as a dancer or are trained in a completely different dance style and are more used to thumkas or chakkars, it can be hard to master the technique and unique style of bhangra (even more importantly the swag). Lucky for you, BollyLearn has got you covered.

We asked our resident bhangra expert and BollyLearn choreographer Lavesh Pritmani for his thoughts on a few key steps that you can easily bust into on almost any song. Lavesh is the founder of the LearnBhangra app, and has a killer 14 part bhangra tutorial on YouTube that not only introduces you to the key bhangra steps to learn, but also teaches you exactly how to master them. Here are the top 5 most versatile bhangra steps you should master, along with videos that guide you through everything from the precise footwork, expressions, angles, and more.


1. Chaal



2. Faslaan


3. Double Dhamaal



4. Single Jhummar



5. Single Chaffa


Check out more from Lavesh on the BollyLearn app!