The Top Videos Every Bollywood Dancer Should See

The Bollywood dance industry has gained international prominence thanks to the Internet age – emerging artists across the globe have made their mark through platforms such as YouTube and Bollyshake by fusing traditional Bollywood styles with contemporary and western choreography. These badass dancers (many of whom we are so lucky to get to work with at BollyLearn!) regularly post new videos and tutorials, and are major #goals. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite videos from some of these top dancers in the industry that we think every Bollywood dancer should see. Whether you just want to get a better idea of what modern Bollywood dance looks like, or you’re starting to take classes yourself, or you’re an expert looking to explore new styles, these videos will give you some serious inspiration.

1. Manpreet and Naina | Manwa Laage

A few years old now, this video to Manwa Laage by Manpreet and Naina in 2015 was seen across the globe by almost everyone even remotely interested in Bollywood dance. The simple video made by the famous duo in their garage focuses on elegance and precision over production. While the pair doesn’t regularly make dance videos together anymore, you can follow them both separately on their YouTube channels.


2. Amit Patel | Crazy Kiya Re - Bollywood Heels

Amit Patel is one of the only Indian male dancers bringing hells choreography to Bollywood dance. He challenges societal standards of masculinity and femininity with his choreography and we are in L O V E. This is a video of one of the first Bollywood heels classes he ever taught – check out his channel for more heel and contemporary dance projects.

3. Rajat “Rocky” Batta | Dilli Waali Girlfriend

Rajat fuses Bollywood with hip-hop, and this collab with Chase Constantino and Sandy Gill to Dilli Waali Girlfriend showcases his bollyhop style perfectly. He always commits to the acting just as much as the dancing, and has a killer instinct for Bollywood expressions that take his videos to the next level.

4. Poonam and Priyanka | Ramta Jogi – Taal Dance Choreography

Poonam and Priyanka’s unique dance style combining western and classical Indian dance along with their amazing sense of musicality helped them grow a massive following on YouTube. This fusion choreo to Ramta Jogi from Taal is one of their first videos that quickly crossed a million views and inspired dancers everywhere to try their style of choreography. The best part is, a tutorial to this is now up on BollyLearn!


5. Shivani Bhagwan and Chaya Kumar| Hawa Hawa – BollyFunk Dance

Shivani and Chaya started off making BhangraFunk videos together – their video to a remix of Major Laser’s Lean On was reposted by Arjun Kapoor, who loved their choreography and energy so much that he asked them to choreograph a dance to his song Hawa Hawa. Lucky for us, the two now also regularly choreograph and teach BollyFunk classes and we literally cannot stop rewatching their videos. Check out their channels and Instagram pages for full on filmy expressions combined with funky dance moves.

6. Neelam Patel | O Re Piya – Aaja Nachle

Neelam’s classical contemporary choreography to O Re Piya is one of the most graceful dances you’ll find in more recent times, and it’s a refreshing change of pace from the more commonly found hip-hop and Bollywood fusion dances. She makes complex choreo look effortless and is constantly trying out new dance styles.

7. Anisha Babbar | Breathless – One Take Video

This one-take fusion video to Shankar Mahadevan’s Breathless perfectly captures the essence of the song and features an extremely talented group of dancers. Created in partnership with Amit Patel, this unique video showcases a solid grasp of everything from production value, to costumes, to cinematography.

8. Melvin Louis | Tu Cheez Badi

Melvin has been publishing videos for the past several years now, but really started to blow up more recently over the past couple of years. Based in India, he exemplifies modern Bollywood dance and how the style is changing across the globe. His routines are fun and challenging, and always perfectly capture the mood of each song.


Do you have a favorite Bollywood dance video or dancer that you think should be included in this lineup? Comment below and let us know!