It's Officially Wedding Season - How to Prep For All Those Bollywood Wedding Dances

It's almost Valentine's Day, and you know what that means! We're all about to see a big spike in proposals (about 50% of proposals happen on Valentine's Day), and you're about to see a big spike in the number of weddings you have to attend this year. We know it feels like wedding season just happened, but it's back and already in full swing.

If you're South Asian, or friends with a lot of South Asians, this means preparing for a LOT of different wedding dances. And if you're known as the dancer in your family or group of friends, chances are everyone is going to expect you to pick the songs, plan all the choreography, AND run practices for 30 people living all across the world. No amount of professional dance captain or dance team experience prepares you to teach a bunch of your non-dancer, rhythmless cousins and friends how to dance. It's natural to feel overwhelmed, but it's also important to remember that wedding dances are all about having fun and celebrating love! We've worked on our fair share of wedding choreography here at BollyLearn, and have put together a few tips that will help you create a routine that you're proud of, all while enjoying the experience along the way.


Get inspired

Start by defining your vision for the routine. Take a peek through YouTube and BollyShake for inspiration, and to see the latest trends in wedding dances. You might discover new songs and styles to try, or you might figure out which songs to completely avoid (you know the ones that are used in every. single. wedding. dance in the past 6 months). There are so many dancers and choreographers who not only share their wedding performances online, but also create tutorials for you to use if you're feeling stuck. This research will help unleash your creativity, and you'll see the ideas come pouring in. Once you build a solid foundation, it will be easier for you to level up the ideas to help make the routine unique and special to the couple you're celebrating. Here are a few videos and tutorials that inspire us to get you started.

Keep it simple

One of the biggest challenges that we see dancers face when working on wedding choreography is that they make it more complicated than it has to be. Adding in 10 different formation changes and styles of choreography that the average person has no shot of keeping up with will only increase everyones stress levels, including yourself. Your friends and family aren't going to have the interest or patience to clean and perfect a dance, especially if they have almost no dance background. Shockingly simple wedding dances are often the most successful, because they help keep everyone in sync and reduce the chances of big mistakes on stage. Throw that complex choreography into your back pocket for another time, and focus on entertainment value over complexity. Everyone will have more fun this way!


There are so many different things that go into putting together a good wedding dance routine, and you don't have to do it all yourself! Everyone has different strengths that can be put to good use. That one cousin that's good at logistics? Put him in charge of scheduling practices! The bride's BFF who is an aspiring fashion designer? Give her the responsibility of coordinating outfits and costumes! If each person in the dance feels invested beyond just showing up to practice and letting you boss them around for a few hours, it will become a team effort. By supporting each other, you'll not only take some of the pressure off, but you'll also be able to put together a fabulous routine that your friends and family will cherish forever!